Highway B

Highway B is a macabre and musical dimension rife with Dreams & Sex & Illusion & Gods & Demons & Cults & Geometry & Psychosis & Death & Rebirth.

This dimension presents herself in songs and shouts and incubi and exaltations that I translate to prose.

The book: Highway B: Horrorfest


A never ending flow of serialized tales from the Highway B dimension.

“A Retrospective on Autoextinction”
You’ll follow Finn and B through one version of death and into a retrospective on the art they made together. Featuring photography by Spencer Ostrander.

“16 Weeks”
You’ll experience sixteen weeks of dreams and art and shadows and sex along Highway B.

Wednesday Psalm

These are sacred songs from the Highway B dimension translated to prose. You’ll receive a psalm (or two) every Wednesday.

Lunar Dust (or “Why Subscribe?”)

I access this dimension through lunar dust — lots and lots of lunar dust. If you enjoy the Series and the Wednesday Psalms, consider supporting my lunar dust habit by becoming a subscriber or buying a book.

“Why Subscribe?”
Are you kidding? Access to a macabre and musical diagonal dimension free of quotidian Earth-logic prisons with no mention of that demonic frequency starting with pol and ending in icks — a dimension where sprites have more rights than time has ticks. It’s fun for the whole fam.

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(photo by Tony Notarberardino)

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Highway B is a macabre and musical dimension rife with Dreams & Art & Sex & Illusion & Gods & Cults & Geometry & Psychosis & Death & Rebirth.


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